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Sociopaths Next Door - The Las Vegas Shooter

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  • Sociopaths Next Door - The Las Vegas Shooter

    I have seen news reports of the Las Vegas Shooter having worked for US Postal Service, as well as working as an IRS Auditor.

    To date, I have not seen anyone speak to his sociopathic nature being enhanced by working for organizations that seem to bring out the worst sociopathic behavior in people.

    And these sociopathic people are attracted to these kinds of organizations.

    Having personally worked contracts for the USPS in their IT departments, I saw this first hand. USPS employees being treated like cattle and demeaned on a daily basis.

    Understanding this I think should help people understand that sociopaths have no remorse. This was his show, and there will never be a "sane" answer coming, other than to understand the lack of remorse that makes a sociopath completely absent from the pain they inflict on others.