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    Since i was at least 35 it could have been later, My contact with somebody that has awakened my 3rd eye, Just like a projector I can see pictures / Maps / Moving video, as such, but it Never really lasts that long.

    I Live in Australia, around the ACT (Australian Capital Territory), Not that we ever get mentioned in any news, Its always NSW's or Victoria, We just do not exist according to local and other region's of today's media. Anyways.

    I goto sleep about 10 to 10:30 roughly at night and sometimes get woken up at 12am ,1:40pm and 3:40pm, I do not dream much and i tend to sleep in dark i mean i nomally do not have any thoughts processing around me so i sleep soundly.

    there's 3 ways i get woken up. its really 2 but with a difference in the way it gets done.

    the first way I call the Running or woke up scared shipless (not trying to sware) , so you wake up and your hearts thumping away like you just ran for your life and you can not work out why in the heck your feeling such things and your body is telling you there is something close by that i don't like.

    the Second is a Warmth of the body, I know this sounds really off but if you have often eaten far too much food at night you will experience this feeling where you get far too hot even on a cold night for the covers and you will have to actually sleep outside of the covers till you cool down. I do not know how they do this when your sleeping away in your normal warmth of the bed at night and then you wake up because you feel uncomfortable.

    The Third way you get woken up, is that you just wake up knowing to open your eyes, Also you might feel like you need to go to the boys or girls badly but its a false feeling and wait for what might come next.

    so After you wake up from one of these three happenings lets call them. There is no voice there is only vision that i have gotten so far, And if i stray from looking Straight up at my ceiling then they shut down there lights on there craft and quickly zoom up and out of the earth maybe till a later time or until the next night.

    I do not know If anyone else has had this experience or not but I know certain people are constantly being watched by a drone, This is for another story.. But i have caught them on camera watching me.

    So Laying there eye's open heart pounding, I have seen things like an orb a dark orb that can change color to red / green I have not seen blue yet. I call this there looking glass and a toy for them, I would describe this object like a see through item, that moves mechanically up and down like it can be operated by one switch at a time and it can also be turned off with a flick of something maybe a button/ switch who knows what ever shuts this thing down it can just disappear.

    I see Things like My Ceiling turn into a Alphabet soup letters everywhere, then they would transform into a picture or like a slide show, where i would see one picture then another and another.

    Each contact i would say lasts for a period on a good night for about a good 5 mins, I have not seen there craft but somehow i can actually see it through my roof and i can see its colors moving,

    I am writing this here because you wanted answers, I think for me because i am a calm and collected being this is going on. But as i have said i have no voice to voice communication however I do know i am communicating with them.

    Please ask me anything else you wish to know.


    Richard W.

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    Welcome aboard! Amazing story. Are you getting any kind of mental "downloads"?


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      Hello I am not sure if mental downloads would be the word. I see pictures sometimes things like a google map with a pinpoint then it goes to something else, If i get any mental downloads as such it would be only what i am viewing, I know i can not do this alone by my self trying to do it.

      Thanks for the question through.


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        Have you investigated any of the Google map locations ?


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          Hey Freeples, I have not visited the locations shown, I am totally unaware where they might actually be. I suppose that doesn't stop them from showing me these things, or to at least attempt to show me live photos as you could call google locations a thing.

          Thanks for asking though.


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            According to some, namely the Corey Goode narrative, he says people would be setup to be contacted openly by ETs who would be using dreams as a first contact, graduating towards open contact. Perhaps you are being prepared for such contact?


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              I do not know the corey Goode Narrative, But it would seem I am in contract with these beings who ever they might be, As for open contact i will try and leave that up to them, As i do not ask them to see or speak to me directly, However I do wish to talk to what we refer to the plant type beings There is one in particular that i really want to talk to one super long leg and a torso, with this amazing looking face, more like a stern Arabian judging the people he looks down on.

              I have seen a lot in my time I have a video that is up on the tubes right now, but its a deceptive piece as i have blown up the images from my night shots into a whole video i think with nothing behind it, In that video I have the plant based forms and some other interesting aspects to these beings as well.

              this by the way is a completely different story i could tell if you would like me to create another thread or i could just tell you here ?.

              you choose. If you want to see the video please ask and i will copy the link into here and well you should see some interesting images to say the least.

              Thanks for your thoughts.


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                I am the least qualified to make any recommendations. At this writing, I've not experienced anything I can remember, a couple of "maybe" sightings but nothing on the level you have spoken of. At least not that I can point to consciously! Yet, for some strange reason, maybe not so strange after all, I started this whole Free People Of The Cosmos site, and it is now growing with the help of my twin brother, Tim. We are still working thru its "voice", "message" and "mission".

                However, I think I have a common thought, and that is this, that you need to follow your "gut", your basic inner guidance on how to proceed.

                I would say, my own curiosity is such that I would ask them a bit about who they are and why they are communicating in some fashion with you.

                I have also found from what I have heard other experiencers say, is that sometimes you have to kind of "let it bake". That is to say, let it sit and it starts making sense or decrypts itself.

                I have spoken with another experiencer who has told me that she has to wait sometimes for things to make sense. Other times it's very specific.

                And yes, please post as much information as you like, we are here to unite and learn. So please feel free to relate more stories, etc.

                You can post youtube links - this bulletin board system will let you embed the video right here in the forum! So post as much as you want, we're here to get this conversation going and need as much input as possible.

                Thanks again for your posts!!


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                  ok This video is Filled with images that i have blown up roughly 300% so you can take them out of context but you can also see them more detailed, at the 3:12 is where it really starts to explain a lot if you know the background.

                  I Saw what looked to the naked eye a blue star out of the house i was living in at the time and that was just up the road, I am renting the house i am in and also i rented out with my mums X, just up the read, but you don't need to know about personal rubbish.... So I was looking at this blue star or what looked to be one. roughly 15 degrees from plain sight, Anyways i thought that was odd and i went into the house to get my then old camera coolpix L4 which is a 2 megapixel camera so i could only do so much with a 10x zoom.

                  What i believe you see in the video please turn off the music btw if there is any, I do not think i included anything in terms of music anyways but just saying ...

                  So it starts out with this light that has a back to front h I think personally this is a ships opening and what follows will totally blow your mind, If i remember correctly you will see what i term a Plant Mind, Its a brown ball sitting on what looks like a ride on lawn mower with two long arms, My mums looked at it, and called it an elephant What would an elephant be flying in the sky for ? lol....
                  Next is a Centurion on a bike, this is very visible. More plant based life, 3 eyed green One huge leg with backwards foot, holding on to a object almost looks like a vacuum-cleaner,
                  Not sure what the next picture is but its a strange one.
                  The very next picture is what i call the laying down on your tummy with your head back, This is a 2 person boy / girl you will see one side very clearly then the side thats not so clear is where it carves back to alone the crafts end.
                  next - Unknown
                  After that a BIG Centurion on his hover bike < think this guys the old 3 meter tall, This photo was taken the same night but instead of pointing to the blue star it was sat on a roof of a car pointing straight up because i just knew something was up there, I could not see this guy with my naked eye.
                  3:55 a ship / object traveling in space, Notice the round circles behind it, I think this is a Displacement of matter being made and fall off as the object travels along its path.
                  Just as the video ends i have a picture of a TR3B above a shed in a backyard, Now the strange thing about that photo is that i never saw it come into picture, but i did see it way off in a different direction this last photo was taken at a another time facing another direction, Then it fell back to where it was when i was taking the photos in the first place.

                  Any ways please feel free to look though all the other muddled photos and let me know what you think. Enjoy.


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                    Again - WOW - amazing stuff. But I am barely qualified at giving an opinion. I have no experience with these kinds of images.

                    Have you submitted any of this information, and/or the images to places like MUFON or anyone else for analysis?

                    Someone you may want to contact may be someone like Linda Moulton Howe or Anthony Sanchez. Linda is at, and Sanchez has

                    But keep sharing here as much as you feel comfortable with. It's amazing!


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                      Thanks for the thoughts about those two others out there in this field, Im just trying to put out my thoughts on this as i had saw them, i know she has a forum as well, i guess i am a little hesitant because she deals with backlog of Government documents relating to this whole UFO - that's Linda, I could be wrong about that...Its how i see her.

                      As for Anthony Sanchez I haven't heard of him but i have heard of people like UFO hunters and stuff, I suppose i want to hear that others have seen these beings and know exactly what i am talking about. but i also know the only way to get this stuff out there is just to let it go nutz.

                      thank you for your thoughts on this.

                      I shall see.


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                        This is something you may want to check out:


                        "FREE was formally incorporated as a not for profit academic research institute on July 15, 2015 by various retired Ph.D. physicists, scientists and lay researchers to research “WHAT IS CONSCIOUSNESS” by undertaking cross comparative research on individuals who have had various types of contact with non-human intelligence via diverse paranormal “Contact Modalities”. The majority of our FREE Board of Directors hypothesize that all of these “Contact Modalities" are interconnected through what is commonly called “CONSCIOUSNESS” and that advanced physics, in particular, the Quantum Hologram Theory of Physics and Consciousness, as developed by Dr. Edgar Mitchell (Video One) and (Video Two) and Dr. Rudy Schild (Video), can possibly describe how all of these diverse paranormal “Contact Modalities" are interrelated."