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    A Russian Astrophysicist, named Nicolai Kardeshev, came up with a Theory of HOW we could tell an advanced Civilization, when searching the Stars. He came up with 'Typing', or classifying Civilizations, based on their apparent Energy consumption/control. Nicolai gave us the Terms; Type One, Type Two & Type Three civilizations. Although other, later researchers have tried to add even more advanced Societies, they call Type 4 etc., I think the original Theory suffices.
    Nicolai defined each: a Type One civilization controls their immediate environment's Energy, or a 'Full-Planetary' control, including a World Government, & Weather Control. Type Two civilizations would be able to harness a Sun's Energy, & this is where the 'Dyson Sphere', a Theoretical structure surrounding a Star, designed to utilize all of its Radiation, has been postulated. A Type Three civilization, would theoretically, be able to 'Live' as Beings of Energy, & might be, truly thought of as; godly: they would be able to manifest any Thought.
    Since WE can't even be seen, on these scales, we are classed as a Type Zero civilization.
    If, we are the product of an advanced civilization, say, the Anunnaki, we can be seen as 'Colonists', then they might be attempting to 'cause' our ascendancy through Environmental disasters, & manipulation of our Governments, or, the 'New World Order', through War & Vice!
    WHY? worked for them, if the Cuneiform Chronicles found in the Libraries of UR & Babylon, are correct. According to the story, The Annua were forced, as a Species, to deal with their Atmospheric disaster, & came to Ki, their name for the Earth, so they could Mine Gold, which they dispersed in their Upper Atmosphere, very likely as: Monatomic Gold. This specialized Gold has Anti-gravitic properties, as well as a kind of invisibility effect, is highly conductive, & makes a perfect Radiation Shield.
    BUT, according to these same chronicles, they made Humans, from both THEIR Genetic material, but also Simian DNA, which can be noted as the RH-Factor, named because the ONLY animal on Earth, with this Blood is; Rhesus Monkies. So, throughout Human history, our Ancestors have seemingly been trying to 'mold' us, to a Path, to bring us to a higher form of civilization. But, we have Simian thought patterns, which, in the wild, we would be staying in small packs, dominated by the 'strongest' of the Clan. This is very likely WHY we rebel from a single control of over-reaching Government, which keeps trying to control, through Worldwide disasters, or creation of 'acceptable' forms of Religion, which are, in turn, run & influenced BY Government.
    I now think that we are only going to 'ascend', to an advanced Society, by individual Intellect, & community 'socialism'. This is how Simians learn, NOT by force, or War, but by strong Minds, doing NEW things. This is what I call an Open Breakaway Civilization!