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  • Possibility Thinking

    We choose to act on information we have received.

    The whole of UFOlogical research suggests and implies that the possibility exists - that mankind has for millennia been in contact with non-Earth peoples and intelligent species.

    If there is the slightest possibility of making contact with a positive, benevolent ET civilization that is willing, capable and ready to make contact with us, then we are extending our invitation to them to open a contact dialogue towards an ultimate open meeting, publicly.

    We recognize that while our approach may seem naive or foolish - this actually points up our severe need for help from people who have the power and resources to help us.

    Unfortunately, humanity has no real advocates on the planet. Dogma from numerous sources is cascading the planet's descent into chaos which leads towards humanity's ultimate destruction.

    We recognize the folly of "changing the system from within" here on Earth where our power has been stripped from us; and appeal for "help from the outside", that is to say, we seek help from the inter-galactic cosmic community of a positive nature to literally intervene and help us at this critical time.

    We respect other voices in the Disclosure / UFOlogy community, and we know that there are thought leaders who claim to have "the inside scoop" on what is really happening and "how it's all gonna go down". We do not care.

    We are not here to make anyone wrong, so although there are those who will say our efforts are futile, based in fantasy, pseudoscience, conjecture etc. we do not care. We choose to act on the evidence at hand, however weak or strong.

    From Earth to the cosmic brotherhood: this is our plea for help, our "galactic 911 call".

    We invite all humans to meditate on this "call for help".