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Buidling our Conciousness for Contact

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  • Buidling our Conciousness for Contact

    Having contact with ET's is quite a thing. If it really happened to me, I would probably be so blown away I would have a hard time processing it. So, I aksed some questions. These are some of the questions. "If I made contact how would I react?" "Would it be acceptable to the ET Person?" "How would the ET Person react?: So I started with those three questions and then set out to meditate on it - I mean - think about it when in the bathroom where I find about the only privacy in my home. Then, ideas and other questions popped up. Try this and lay out your thoughts. It really something we do as a people. What I got was we just don't think right or like ET Persons and so there is nothing to relate to. So, "How can I find a way to relate to a ET Person?" .

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    Hey Bob
    Excellent thoughts. My feelings are similar. Adding to this, my feeling is this ... "Hey ET, we know that our species is lacking in many areas - WE NEED HELP!" I think we come to them humbly and acknowledge that we are largely clueless, that our insights, and our ability to communicate at their level is weak.


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      WE NEED HELP is right. Unfortunately this is what I have gathered to date. I hope I am wrong. ET's have been here all along. They never cared to bring us up, or help us along - unless - it fit there agenda. I study the Meier material where Billy Meier and his ET contacts talk back and forth. I have had to read in a way with Skepticism and WHAT ARE THEY NOT TELLING. You have to read between the lines. For example. If you ask Billy a question or Billy address' and issue with Ptah or Quetzal (ET's) they do not answer the question. They answer in a way where they only talk about the wrong aspects of the question. They do not correct, they do not add more information. You have to go back to the drawing board and figure it out for yourself.

      From what I gather, they have written us off. There is an obligation to do certain things since they initially created this mess but that is all. We are truly on our own. The best we can hope is in the future we can do trade but that is about it. This trade would be in increasing your technological ability, but, that would be metered with our spiritual development.

      What Ptah told Billy recently is WE ARE SCREWED. Our climate is ruined and the planet is reacting. BIGGER storms, Higher Winds, MORE volcanic activity, MORE earthquakes. FINANCIAL COLLAPSE on a global scale. USA destroyed beyond your imagination.

      So, with this information being put out, say, by ET's - where was the help? They are not interested, they are PASSIVE observers only. As for those of us who would like help, we LITERALLY have to pull it together from within our selves. NO ONE IS COMING.

      I read the Meier material this way - WHAT ARE THEY NOT SAYING - WHAT HAVE THEY SAID THAT HINTS TO TRUTH - WHERE DO I NEED TO GO TO COMPLETE THE INFORMATION. Typically, it is definitely not the internet.

      I use the internet this way - TO PASS DOCUMENTS. I call people and discuss things and see what they know. WE THOROUGHLY DISCUSS a topic at all angles to see the good and bad and neutral parts of it. Such as MONEY, FREE WILL, CASUAL FORORDINATION, and more

      What I have learned is we are like cows. They live 1000 years, we live 100. They have equivalent of 30 PHD's - we may have 1. We talk about god they talk about creation and that we mistake them for our gods. Including Jesus.

      I was on a mission in the Philippines. Working with a SAS - MOSSAD contingent. I was briefed on JESUS and he had 5 kids and he lived to 102 or so and died in Turkey. He did not die on the cross, the Jews know this, they protect this to the death. One of my guys were assigned to move from Missouri a direct decendant of Jesus to Israel because he was a Pedophile and being charged, while awaiting sentence his Passport was taken and he was escorted by my friend David to Israel without a passport. Jesus was not his name, It was Jmanuel - Jesus came centuries later. He was a guy, mortal - not a god.- There is more but it's to unreal to hear.

      Truth is - we have no means of escaping our planet. We will go through 800 years of non sense, death, war, evil, and more and yet we survive. We make it to Mars and we piss of those ET's and they blow us up. These are in writing very ancient.


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        Wow Bob ... sounds pretty hopeless. Here's another angle. The universe is huge ...

        In the Meier narrative, it sounds pretty conclusive - but, it's a huge universe and I think there's more out there. If we "put out the call" - there may be someone listening - someone who is new to our game, someone who sees it all and is still willing to not write us off, and willing to come and discuss our situation openly, provide guidance and ultimately provide transport.

        There are some of us that can truly astral travel, some can communicate telepathically, etc. and some are channeling ETs as well. I can currently do none of those things, but I believe it's plausible and possible.

        I know it's difficult to weed out friends and foes - but I feel if we can truly communicate at a quantum level - there's no distance in the universe that cannot hear us if we "transmit" using meditative techniques.