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    Most of what I personally think of when I think about this project is how this idea of a BREAK AWAY CIVILIZATION needs to be in the minds of as many people as is humanly possible.

    The problem is that the very people that need to hear the message are most likely the most resistant to new ideas. I believe that the world-wide corruption of government and business has called all of us to wonder if any of our governments, media, and public leaders can be trusted anymore, even the most liberal and free of societies are suspect.

    It has become the catalyst for more and more tribalism, and the catalyst for this project. The recent past decade has seen a rise in tribalism like never before. Today people are in revolt of business, media and government, on a global scale, all because we cannot discern the truth any more. This catalyst is unwinding 200 years of progress as a human race, we are descending into chaos on a scale this planet is probably not capable of managing anymore. To get the insanity to die down on its own is becoming less and less possible because there is no "higher moral authority" left for people to anchor to, which has led to more authoritarianism, hostility, acting out, fighting, screaming, chest beating, and just never enough war.

    I believe tribalism is inevitable.

    As much as people are being told to "come together" we are drifting further apart, coalescing into tribes. This I believe is human nature. Our DNA. Here in the USA tribalism is overrunning state-ism, with mass migrations of people moving to like-minded towns, irrespective of state lines.

    We need to celebrate tribalism by admitting it is a part of our natural DNA, trying to live together as best we can without killing each other. We may never agree on ideas, but we should all agree not to kill each other because of our differences. That is an honest first step toward peace but sadly, it appears that at this moment on this planet we are past the point of standing down. Too many people with too much sustained anger and hate, all crying out for their tribe, and no higher force to call for help, all that are capable are unwilling to act, all the "leaders" have receded into the shadows and fail on a continuous basis to do NOTHING to help our own people.

    There is no "god" or cavalry coming to save us. We must save ourselves.

    We are being observed, and experienced, by off-worlders that can come and go at their leisure, operating in complete freedom outside of anything we can do to stop them. We know some of you are friendly. We wish to make contact, and we need you to do it openly, today, now. Trust us when we tell you the time has come. You won't violate any of our free will, we are initiating the contact. Please by your ways and means meet us, now today. We wish to be the catalyst to get this thing going.

    To date, we have exhibited as a planet the worst of what people of different races and tribes will and can do to each other. We have to ask hard questions and make the right noises to be heard about the fray. But first we have to put down the religion, the politics, and the anger. Some of us are not so sure that this is going to be possible anymore.

    This project is about acceptance of humanity that quite possibly there has come a tipping point where we as a civilization can no longer be trusted, by anyone, not even ourselves.

    Our galactic family must come to our aid.

    It is time to separate the children fighting on the playground.

    It's a big galaxy, maybe it's time we spread out a little, allow us all a little breathing room. Some of us are ready to make that move, we're ready to be galactic citizens. Some of us are not ready, but maybe you can, as an off-worlder, show us what we need to do to be galactic citizens. We know it has to come from YOU. We're ready.

    ETs: We see images that cannot be verified as real, or faked, all of our inputs have been corrupted, so it is difficult for us to know when real contact will occur with you unless it is out in the open. You will need to be loud and open in order for this to work.

    We realize we may not yet be fit as galactic citizens, but maybe thinking beyond planet Earth is our first step in that direction.

    We are at the tipping point of too much dogma, too much religion, too many lies, too many fairy tales.

    This is why we ask any friendly Extra-Terrestrials for help, and even friendly Earthers if you have the guts to come forward, now is the time. If you have our best interests at heart, if you're really there, we need your help. We know you have issues with your own timelines, and dealing with our leaders, we get it. We're a dangerous planet with a lot of dangerous people, lost without any truth, slaves to a prison planet. All we're asking for is your help.

    And for all of you here on Earth that wish to kick this into high gear, let's get this going!