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    First off, thank you EVERYONE who have started to contribute to this project!!!

    I've been reading all the posts so far and it's great to hear what others are thinking. We need a collective mind, a collective thought on how this works.

    We're humans and this is how we roll best, with the help of each other. Our inputs for most of us are so clouded up with noise we need each other now more than ever, so THANK YOU ALL FOR SPEAKING AND SHARING. It's all awesome.

    So... What IS the Dot-Matrix?

    Brother Tom and I were talking this morning and I mentioned to him a while back, earlier this year about trying to get people to put out some kind of beacon night-light that says "I'm here, please pick me up!" but it just didn't seem to be the right idea. Seemed kinda off, just couldn't put my finger on it.

    But six months later, after some wake-n-bake we were talking again today about how do we communicate with ETs in our physical, broken, limited-consciousness, slave selves to these advanced peace-loving galactic citizens for help, when all they see are people gone in to hyper war mode? They look at us as Planet of the Apes, why would they help, and how could they tell we're ready to make contact?

    How do we plea for help?

    Well... how about a reverse Crop Circle?

    My first thought was the beacon "thousand points of light", then I thought what if there were meet-ups of people forming HUGE dot-matrix words pointed at the night sky, like a banner ad on the face of mother earth. This seemed like a great idea, but what would be even better than that?

    Tom came back with "Our own crop circles" that WE send from right where we all are, formed by groups of people right in their own home towns, pointed at the night sky. It has to be OUR own return signal in the form of an EARTH-ORIGINATED CIRCLE, to let them know we get it. We want to use something, a word, a logo, something to signal back that we get it.

    Maybe each community emits their own crop circle and we register it here?

    We--all of you in this project--need to figure it out--some input from everyone on "what do we say" in our message? We have to show that collectively we can work together and not fight like savage beasts, that there really are people here worth saving and helping.

    Free People of the Cosmos was formed for this very reason, to build an association of humans that are ready to be galactic citizens. We're ready. We're committed.

    So we're going on two assumptions, first, that there are actually "somebodies" out there listening and willing to help--we're not going to need any more proof than what we already have, and that two, there are actually people on this planet worth saving.

    ETs have to understand that we cannot "DO" anything at this point, other than ask for help, they need to step forward, and allow the catalyst to do its work. You will not violate our free will, WE are asking.

    It's like the Truman Show knowing something is not quite right, that the closer my boat gets to the edge of the studio the truth is revealed. The people in the control room have made a lot of profit off of our ignorance, it's time to open the studio exit, and see what else is out there, something WE have a choice in, where our free will is not being violated.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts, and guidance!!