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Conference Call For Sept 17, 2017 - YOU ARE INVITED

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  • Conference Call For Sept 17, 2017 - YOU ARE INVITED

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    Wow! I think we had a great call, and if you missed it - the whole thing is out on the YouTube channel.

    Thank you to all of our listeners and we hope you'll join us for the next call coming up in a few days!


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      Yes, great call!

      As we traverse this project we hope the audience and project participation grows as more people get involved.

      We think this will only succeed with as many people as possible to get involved. Our common cause is our common wealth, taking a collective approach toward our own future based on the truth, and building an association of people who want to trust in the idea that help is out there if we just ask. As a human being I should be able to live and breathe without having to be a slave to a system and a single planet. We are hoping you fellow Earthers will celebrate your own "Independence Day" personally, and join the rest of us who have already made the leap. In the movie the Truman Show we saw how scary the truth can be but as Truman got closer to the edge of the studio, the truth became easier and easier to accept, the studio door was there, all he had to do was take the next step.