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The Pineal Gland - The Quantum Space Time Transmitter In Your Head

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  • The Pineal Gland - The Quantum Space Time Transmitter In Your Head

    Tom here.
    I will be setting up a "transmission meditation" as a "serving suggestion". Like a "writing prompt", think of this as a "starter kit", and you can develop your own meditation as well - all ideas should be discussed.

    I have some ideas in my head, but essentially a video similar to this one:

    The idea is to start off with a quiet meditation, to achieve a peaceful state. Next I want to insert some star charts of existing constellations, such that as you focus on them, you are adding this to what you are "transmitting". We will insert photos of our moon, and planets.

    An intelligent species that receives these transmissions from us will "see" the star charts, and be able to plug that into their navigation. The star charts gets them close, then they "see" Earth, and our positions on the planet.

    You will want to have another device that shows your position on the planet, and then you will "transmit" arial images of your area.

    We do not know which areas are the safest for them to come to - so some of you will actually have better landing areas than others. The ETs will choose, we just need to be ready.

    Now I know there are experiencers out there that can provide more guidance, and ideas.

    If anyone has ideas to contribute to this - please chime in. If you have music suggestions, they are welcome.