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Getting Your Galactic Perspective On

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  • Getting Your Galactic Perspective On

    One of the key elements we want to focus on is "getting your galactic perspective".

    Consider the quote from Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar:

    We get so bogged down with bullshit here at ground level, and then we get baited by our pocket computers. Chat, messaging, phone calls games - it baits us in and we gladly accept. In some ways, the technology is great, but we have a human tendency to over indulge.

    I also think that the proliferation of space images gives us a false image of what it must really be like to travel the stars.

    Is it like Star Trek, Stargate Universe, The Orville and any other number of science fiction theatricals we can watch and "experience space"?

    Recent developments in "Augmented Reality" (wearing goggles that add gaming or special effects to your real world) allow us to imagine a "modified" reality mixed with "regular" reality. Again, another piece of tech we can use for good or evil, so it's not all bad but if humanity's track record is consistent, there will be abuse.

    I think real space travel is actually going to be WAY BETTER than that. What we see in scifi is amazing, but I think when I am finally standing on a gallery deck of some kind of space craft, that the view will out-do ANYTHING in TV-land or SciFi.

    I like to imagine. I imagine being on a space exploration mission. Traveling to planets in this galaxy and out into other galaxies.

    Will I get there? I like to imagine that I will.

    Activate your imagination. There is something amazing that happens when you imagine. Go ahead, follow a trail in your mind towards the stars.

    Dream of traveling to the stars. Think about what it means to be a Galactic Citizen, and how you can contribute something from your own little spark of the divine, that Infinite Intelligence we are all a part of. Do not wait until the last minute to be ready to go. Get your galactic perspective on!