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    This past week over on, on the George Noory's Beyond Belief, George interviewed Dr Richard Wood, who is a research analyst. His talk was really interesting, because it has some actual disclosure of "new stuff has come to light".

    One of the most interesting of all was the brief flash of a conversation with the surviving Aztec from the Aztec, New Mexico crash in 1948. This conversation was condensed, from April 1948-through- March 1949, documented in the Majestic Documents, and supposedly only released a couple of weeks ago.

    I managed to screen cap what he was showing, which are the two images in this thread. As of this writing it has not been declared authentic, however, Dr Wood is leaning toward it being real.

    You can see these images about 30 minutes into the episode.

    They read as follows ( retyped here for clarity as best as can be ):

    Image 1
    INT: " You keep talking about a message for us. Can you define that a little more?

    EBE: "We simply _are_ . We have no deeper purpose than to _be_.

    We do not wish direct contact with your people. You would
    reject us in your present frame of mind. So we seek to be
    accepted at the lowest level possible, and hence the broadest
    one possible. That is as a cultural myth; we seek to be
    the next Santa Claus to put it bluntly. This must come _to_
    your people, _from_ your people. The understanding will be
    given you by the widened perceptive skills of these children
    we are bringing you. For your sakes this must not come from
    political or religious leaders. It must flow evenly throughout
    all the common cultures of the Earth. The message is not that
    we are here, but that each of you can control where _you_ are
    going. Be like us, or different; as you choose. But _you_
    choose, not your political leaders who believe that only a
    tiny percent of the elite can rule wisely over their masses;
    or those who spread fear of death in order to enrich their
    lives through religion. Knowledge is only good when spread
    like seeds from which wisdom might grow; and faith has purpose
    only when it is not created of fear. With faith in the wisdom
    of truth, and in each other, your world will come to ours soon
    enough. Our hope is to be able to receive you as friends and
    equals when you arrive. That is our message. You must do the
    work for yourselves. If you do, you will keep all the rewards."

    The yellow highlighting was from Dr Wood, and not nearly as interesting as what was said at the beginning of the Aztec response.

    When I read that opening "We simply _are_ . We have no deeper purpose than to _be_", it was the answer I needed. These are my peoples!

    The next time somebody gives you a hard time for "doing nothing", think about what they said. The next time you need to "chill", these people live it!

    I believe JFK read this too, and I think this was behind his Moon Speech. He saw the awesome freedom of Thinking Galactic, and was inspired by this and other disclosures.

    Image 2

    The second image is even more amazing and again, the yellow highlighting is Dr Woods. It reads:
    INT: "But with your science, you could make any world your own
    personal paradise; why live in spaceships?"

    EBE: Yes, and with our weapons we could take what we want as well.
    But why _have_ one world when you can _see_ them all? You all
    covet land, a very old idea and only natural when the supply
    is limited. Just try to accept that we are _in_ paradise when
    we are seeing and understanding something new. Our god is
    change and our religion is understanding. Searching for truth
    is our greatest social challenge and purpose. When you build
    up your age, this will become as clear to you as why you must
    breathe air."

    I think I mentioned earlier in this project the high value of being able to have unlimited, instant travel at your fingertips, and I said that if you can go anywhere you want, any time, you don't really need money or real estate, or a lot of stuff simply because you can go anywhere instantly. That kind of freedom is a mind bender!

    "Our god is change and our religion is understanding."

    The other interesting aspect is in how the Aztec want their message to be disseminated, at the lowest common level possible, and not through religious leaders or politicians.

    We're those guys!! We are about as common and "nobody" as they come!

    When somebody tells me I'm a nobody, that I am common, I now understand my nothing-ness, my common-ness is exactly where I need to be.

    Take a closer look at these messages and I think you can relate to these people!

    What can you say to that ???
    I'm all in!



    See Also: Beyond Belief With George Noory "Validating the Whistleblowers with Dr Robert Wood"
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