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The . Corey Goode / David Wilcox Narratives - Inaccessible Proof

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  • The . Corey Goode / David Wilcox Narratives - Inaccessible Proof

    I posted this reply over at:

    ( In this post, "CG" = Corey Goode, "DW" = David Wilcock, "BR" = Bill Ryan. )

    The comment is "awaiting moderation", I'm reposting here in case it never sees the light of day:

    " I find it interesting that there are no other comments are shown here.

    First off this is not an anti-CG anti DW rant. I know neither individual, only what I have seen on GAIA TV YouTube and various other alt news sites. They could well be decent human beings but I think we’re not getting any closer to any kind of disclosure, at the grass roots level than before his “reveal”. I doubt any serious researchers believe the governments of this planet will reveal anything. It will have to be grass roots.

    One aspect that seems to be part of the CG narrative that is quickly washed away, or swept under the rug is whatever ET “Science” is being used for the 20-and-Back programs.

    I find it disturbing that [this one foundational element, that some ET tech is used to supposedly reverse age people, “in some kind of cardboard mold” in the CG narrative ] is something we are all supposed to accept at face value, and nothing is ever really mentioned about it.

    Add to this that this supposed age-reversing “technology” is supposedly being done on the back side of the moon. Apologies if I don’t have this narrative correct. And finally, that this ET tech is able to drop the participant “back into their original timeline” – “like it never even happened.” (Thank you ServPro)

    We’re all set now with new buzz words about getting “blank slated”. Sounds like a riff from some alternative music rock band.

    Another disturbing element is DW’s amateurish interview style, which essentially agrees with CG with every revelation, as well as “leading the witness”. I also find DW’s chumminess with CG a kind of journalistic “rules violation”.

    That DW’s “other insiders are corroborating this” is meaningless. DW’s occasional grunts of “mmm” do not alleviate or adequately express one iota of skepticism on DW’s part, and leaves the audience to draw their own conclusions. Maybe that’s intentional but not good journalism or responsible research.

    As I read your post here, I see a weird little community, a raging megalomaniac (BR) running a forum that was initially designed to “find the truth” being hijacked by drama and that it’s been damaging to whoever these other supposed experiencers are from supposed MILAB and SSP programs who want to come out.

    Until DW’s “other whistleblowers” come forward, and we see some real evidence, the topic is rife for abuse, and extremely doubtful as to its credibility. Great SciFi. Some of the best I have ever seen. The ETs, their craft, the new lore that is being added to UFO scriptures, – all of it some of the best SciFi I have ever seen.

    No tail feathers from the Blue Avians, no photos. CG should have *something* concrete. How about bringing your smartphone next time the Blue Taxi shows up. Snap a few selfies with Ra and the gang. How about something with the woman from below ground, “Caree”. (Yeah my spelling – it doesn’t matter because we do not know if this is even real).

    This nonsense of spouting “information about The Alliance” and who knows what all going on “with several SSP groups” – where supposed battles are going on in space only creates more speculation, and weaves a giant narrative with zero evidence to support it, other than “other insiders” and “our other whistleblowers” “seem to say”.

    I’m sick of hearing how “the cabal” is “being taken down”. First off, seriously, we still do not know who this supposed cabal is. We’re supposed to “just believe”.

    Yeah I know, the “cabal” represents all evil in society, from the oligarchs, banksters and yet there’s no evidence of any coordinated moves from some supposed “Alliance”. Whenever something good happens, maybe it’s Jesus, maybe it’s The Cabal(tm) trying to fool us, and maybe it’s The Alliance(tm). This is some of the best writing in SciFI in a long time.

    Yes I’m doubtful, skeptical, and annoyed.

    Everything in the CG / DW narratives about the SSP, MILABs, Antarctica, deep space battles, Reptilian OverLords, mind control – all of it has zero evidence.

    This is not to say none of this is happening, but as one person said “I need the Signs and Wonders Package”, a burning bush, a tail feather, a photo or two … some crash debris from destroyed space vehicles in these supposed space battles.

    If our ET friends are waiting for humanity to “grow up” – may as well wait another 75,000 years – because everything about planet Earth is on a greased sled to self destruction. They need to step up and give us some kind of real indication, right here in the 3rd dimension that is actual and concrete. Not dreams, channeling and imaginary tales. ETs if they are willing to help need to come out of the shadows.

    See, THE HUNGER is feeding the narrative. As soon as someone spins a new yarn that is supposedly “true”, people hungry for disclosure are gobbling up bad food, tainted with nonsense, speculation, and poorly corroborated “facts” that are not facts, but stories without evidence. Then they run to Facebook and regurgitate the same stuff as if it is fact and then fight over it.

    People in the psyop world are probably all busting a gut at the gullibility of humanity. So the Russians meddled in our politics – which proves how gullible the vast majority of humanity IS."